At Humans Being Resources we believe Our Network of Industry Contacts are invaluable to our success. We have amassed a large grid of Industry Experts that span the Continental United States. We are proud to say that they are part of our overall Team. They are essential when trying to locate a quality Candidate in your area and can be a great resource when performing our evaluations. We also understand that they can be a New Client's best resources for referrals and information. At HBR, our Clients, Candidates and Business Professionals are all part of the Team!

Here at HBR, we stand behind our work with a 100% Guarantee. This means, if we help you select a candidate whom for some reason doesn't maintain good standing employment with your company, we will help you replace them Free Of Charge! We will do so by using the same criteria as the Hiring Package you've purchased from us within the specified period outlined in your specific Hiring Package. We know what an inconvenience this would cause and we will work hard to help you!


HBR is always looking for new ways to help our Local Community.

Whether it's Volunteering our Time, holding Community Giveaway Events or Monetary Donations, we do all we can!

Our commitment to the Community and Humanitarian Causes is extremely important to us!
If you have a Local Charity that needs our help, please contact us!


About our Staffing & Recruiting Professionals


We're here to help

HBR proudly provides Recruiter & Staffing Agency services for all 50 States in Cities such as:

Birmingham, AL - Mobile, AL - Huntsville, AL - Anchorage, AK - Fairbanks, AK - Juneau, AK - Phoenix, AZ - Tucson, AZ - Mesa, AZ - Little Rock, AR - Fort Smith, AR - Fayetteville, AR - Los Angeles, CA - San Diego, CA - San Jose, CA - Denver, CO - Colorado Spring, CO - Aurora, CO - Bridgeport, CT - New Haven, CT - Hartford, CT - Wilmington, DE - Dover, DE - Newark, DE - Jacksonville, FL - Miami, FL - Tampa, FL - Atlanta, GA - Augusta, GA - Columbus, GA - Honolulu, HI - Hilo, HI - Kailua, HI - Boise, ID - Nampa, ID - Idaho Falls, ID - Chicago, IL - Aurora, IL - Rockford, IL - Indianapolis, IN - Fort Wayne, IN - Evansville, IN - Des Moines, IA - Cedar Rapids, IA - Davenport, IA - Wichita, KS - Overland Park, KS - Kansas City, KS - Louisville, KY - Lexington, KY - Owensboro, KY - New Orleans, LA - Shreveport, LA - Baton Rouge, LA - Portland, ME - Lewiston, ME - Bangor, ME - Baltimore, MD - Frederick, MD - Gaithersburg, MD - Boston, MA - Worchester, MA - Springfield, MA - Detroit, MI - Grand Rapids, MI - Warren, MI - Minneapolis, MN - Saint Paul, MN - Rochester, MN - Jackson, MS - Gulfport, MS - Biloxi, MS - Kansas City, MO - Saint Louis, MO - Springfield, MO - Billings, MT - Missoula, MT - Great Falls, MT - Omaha, NE - Lincoln, NE - Bellevue, NE - Las Vegas, NV - Reno, NV - Henderson, NV - Manchester, NH - Nashua, NH - Concord, NH - Newark, NJ - Jersey City, NJ - Patterson, NJ - Albuquerque, NM - Las Cruces, NM - Rio Rancho, NM - New York City, NY - Buffalo, NY - Rochester, NY - Charlotte, NC - Raleigh, NC - Greensboro, NC - Fargo, ND - Bismarck, ND - Grand Forks, ND - Columbus, OH - Cleveland, OH - Cincinnati, OH - Oklahoma City, OK - Tulsa, OK - Norman, OK - Portland, OR - Salem, OR - Eugene, OR - Philadelphia, PA - Pittsburgh, PA - Allentown, PA - Providence, RI - Warrick, RI - Cranston, RI - Charleston, SC - Columbia, SC - North Charleston, SC - Sioux Falls, SD - Rapid City, SD - Aberdeen, SD - Memphis, TN - Nashville, TN - Knoxville, TN - Houston, TX - San Antonio, TX - Dallas, TX - Salt Lake City, UT - West Valley City, UT - Provo, UT - Burlington, VT - South Burlington, VT - Rutland, VT - Virginia Beach, VA - Norfolk,VA - Chesapeake, VA - Seattle, WA - Spokane, WA - Tacoma, WA - Charleston, VW - Huntington, WV - Parkersburg, WV - Milwaukee, WI - Madison, WI - Green Bay, WI - Cheyanne, WY - Casper, WY - Laramie, WY - and many more! 

​​​Our Community Commitment

HBR was created as a result of our Ownership Team's collaborations on the two sides of the Recruiting & Staffing coin. Their very diverse and opposing backgrounds lead to unique discussions on why Hiring Managers & Business Owners ultimately decide to hire or not to hire a Recruiter to find employees! The results of these talks provided a strategic advantage when creating the HBR Business Model. Having a Recruiting Perspective as well as an opposing Business Client Perspective allowed HBR to iron-out all of the typical problems, objections and pricing issues that Recruiting Firms & Staffing Agencies face every day. It resulted in our Ownership Team creating easy-to-use, fast and effective products! This is great news for our Clients because it allows fore a very "hands-off" approach, giving them the opportunity to focus on their business while we find the employees they need! Next, they made sure to offer these services for a much more reasonable pricing structure than your typical percentage-based Recruiter Fees. Finally, to top it off, HBR guarantee's our work!
Our Team of Ownership and Employees at HBR are here to help make the process of finding, screening and hiring your next employee as painless, effortless and affordable as you could ever expect! See our Services page to learn more about our Hiring Packages! 

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