Here is an area where you really start to see the benefits of which Hiring Package selection you have made. Based on the Hiring Package you have chosen, we will begin to vigorously sort and select candidates. The more specific you are with your evaluation process, the better results you will have in finding the right candidate for your Team. We will begin this portion of the hiring process by first investigating things like Overall Resume Make-Up, Experience, Education, Certifications, Personal References, Business References and Social Media Profiles. We will then work with you to select your Top Interest Candidates. Next, we will begin conducting Background Checks, Credit Checks and Personality Assessments for those selected candidates. We will then review these Candidates and designate Ratings for each. We will review those Ratings with you at your request and discuss the next steps towards shrinking the pool of Top Candidates. 

Candidate EValuation

Candidate Sourcing

Searching for and selecting a Candidate can be a daunting task. This can be extremely time consuming for a Manager or Business Owner. Hours upon hours can be invested into finding and sourcing the right people. Most of the tasks included in the hiring process are done during Business Hours, which is the most inconvenient time for a Business Owner or Hiring Manager. This is where we come in! HBR has efficient processes, unique recruiting strategies and results oriented hiring practices that take the vast majority of these tasks off your shoulders. Due to our superior abilities to capture applicants and resumes, we will have a high number of potential employees to choose from. The best part, we will do the sourcing of these candidates for you! We are here to help select the Candidates that fit your specified criteria, while looking at the possibility of "outside the box" options that may work into the overall vision for your business. For example, someone with the right personality, make-up and education may be a better fit for your growing Team versus someone with tons of experience. On the contrary, someone with tons of experience may be a better fit for certain scenarios. We will help you think about those options and how they can work with your business. In the end, we will present candidates that will best fit your Business Team.

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