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​Review & Offer


When closing-in towards a final selection, we will review the results of our Sourcing and Evaluations. We will discuss your selections for Top Candidates and the reasoning for your interests in comparison to the business needs you expressed at the beginning of our relationship. This will start the Interview Phase, where we will conduct Phone Interviews and/or Video Interviews that will ask generic position-based questions or customized questions supplied by you. At this point, we should be well on our way towards preparing you for making a sound Hiring Decision. We will now perform a Final Review of the Top Candidates and their Determined Ratings. This will all be based on the Sourcing, Evaluation and Interviews we have conducted for you. Then, you will have the opportunity for a Final In-Person Interview with the Top Candidates. Finally, we will discuss your Final Candidate Selection and use our Regional Wage Analysis to help you with an Employment Offer.