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This is the step where we will create your Job Posting and Job Description. We will walk you through documenting a Job Description, complete with Job Duties. We will work on this together, but because of our effectiveness in this area, it will not be a time consuming task. We will then create the Job Postings and place the Position on the Job Boards chosen in your Package Level. How effective your Posting will be at getting responses will be highly dependent on where we have placed the Posting, how descriptive we have been, how inviting it is to job seekers and how responsive we are to their inquiries. This is our area of expertise, so we will guide you through some recommendations on how to best get the candidates you seek.

Social Media

Today's Social Media based Society is simply infatuated with their Phones, Tablets, Laptops and PC's. We know that users are always looking at current events, from photo updates, to Ads, to Local and National News on these Social Media Devices. At HBR, we use this to your advantage by "News Feeding" the Job Posting we have created together. This can be done through Social Media Pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are also many Blog Sites that are geared towards many industries and are checked regularly buy Job Seekers. Based on your requests, our recommendations and the level of Hiring Package you have chosen, we will use these Sites, Pages and Blogs to help locate the perfect candidate.