Here at HBR, we understand the value of relationships. We know that how we interact with our Clients will determine how successful our partnership will be. This is why we are so meticulous on making sure that we conduct a thorough Introduction Call. This a "timely" Give & Take Meeting that we feel is a key "First Step" to us getting to know each other.

Q - Why so quickly?

A - We aren't in the business of wasting your valuable time.

Q - Why do you want such detailed information on the first call?

A - We want to make sure that we can service your Staffing Requirements and that we are a good fit as a solution.

We appreciate the fact that you are hiring us because you need to save your own time and effort while searching for a new Team Member. In most cases, you are not very effective in finding, screening, interviewing and ultimately hiring candidates. We are! It's what we do all day, every day! We know where to look. We know what Ads to place. We know where to place them. We know what tests to administer. We know how to conduct personality assessments that will help match the right Candidate for the right Employer. Simply put, you will tell us who you are, what you need, how quickly you need it and we will respond with realistic expectations and goals on how we can help.

On this call, we will talk about various subjects, including:

* Type of Business
* Who are your Customers

* Years in Operation

* Current Staff Level

* Average Turnover

* Positions you are needing to fill

* Reasons for Team Opening

* Staff/Position Expectations

* Position Description

* Pay Structure
* Our Packages
​* Our Pricing

Again, this is a Give & Take Meeting and we encourage you to ask us questions about us as well!

​​​​​Humans Being Resources, Inc.

Talent Acquisition & Personnel Solutions